Thursday, February 25, 2010

Etsy Shop of the Week: IKAHN - Modern Vintage Clothing

A little while back I wrote a post about Springtime Trenches and I featured two beautiful coats from IKAHN vintage. Well, I managed to snag this little leopard print lined number.

Stay tuned because I will be posting photos of the way I styled it!

And, lucky for some girl out there this coat is still available!

I have been a fan of all the pieces that IKAHN has had (and has!) up on etsy and I was lucky enough to have the lovely Amy (IKAHN's proprietor) answer a few questions about the shop - I am sharing those answers here. Enjoy!

Me: First of all, I love your shop it is filled with so many amazing pieces, while they are spot on with currently coveted looks, they are also items that will forever be in your closet, as they really are statement garments. Do you have a process for choosing the best pieces for your shop? Do you have a background working in the fashion industry?

Amy: When I source for pieces to sell, my only barometer is that I handpick items that I would want to wear myself. Apart from being a shop girl at various stores in college, I don't come from a fashion background. In school I actually studied painting, photography and art history, and worked in the art world for 5 years before quitting to try something new. Not having a fashion background makes my job exciting, as I'm constantly researching and learning about fabric, styles and labels.

Me: When/why did you decide to start an Etsy shop.

Amy: I started selling clothing online about 8 years ago as a hobby and decided to focus more on Etsy last October. Being on Etsy, as both a buyer and seller, is appealing because the community is welcoming, positive and supportive.

Me: Could you tell us about the shop name, and the overall concept of the shop?

Amy: I chose the name IKAHN (pronounced icon) because I find it visually appealing. It's a combination of two words: ikat and kahn. While initially arbitrary, the name seemingly works to describe clothing that's 'iconic'.

Me: Who are your personal style icons?

Amy: I can find something I adore on just about anyone.

Me: What is your favorite decade to draw style inspiration from?

Amy: More than a favorite decade, I'm most inspired by individual prints, fabrics, textures, color and tailoring.

Me: What type of girl/customer do you have in mind when you are choosing items for the shop?

Amy: A girl who appreciates quality, value, beauty and seeks out special pieces that aren't widely available.

Me: Do you have any plans to men's clothing?

Amy: For the moment I'm having a lot of fun focusing on women's clothing, but would love to explore men's in the future.

Me: What are you most excited to see happening in Fashion for this year?

Amy: The growth in personal fashion blogs and fashion communities (chictopia, lookbook, etc.). I love seeing how other people define beauty for themselves, especially in other parts of the world.

Thank you Amy! It was a real treat to learn more about you and IKAHN. I'm excited to see what comes into the shop next!

I've already got my little eyes on this:

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