Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Week Faves: Vena Cava A/w 2010 Straight to My Heart

40's meets the 90's? Vena Cava's Fall 2010 collection was a combination of 40's chic and 90's body-con dresses and skirts, and manic panic hair.

Or, to quote from Refinery29:

"Half Palm-Beach grandma, half Lower East Side punk, the collection was 100% covetable and filled with just the kinds of pieces we would wear everyday, like wool cloaks, silk crepe jumpsuits, and copper-colored dresses. The frosting on the cake were the stunning little pick-me-ups in the form of jewelry made by London brand, Mawi, which featured deliciously gaudy brass and polished stones that perfectly complemented the mossy, moody grays and blues on the runway."

This collection is really different from, not only what Vena Cava has done in the past, but from many of the other 2010 Fall collections which seem to call back to the 60's and 70's.

The signature deco inspired prints were not as prominent in the collection as a whole. I have been a fan of their more girly designs, but I'm liking this too. Only, I would never wear fur.

It really felt to me, that the collection was inspired by the movie Blade Runner. There was film noir tone to it all.

I mean, just look at the make-up. Very similar!

(Sean Young: Blade Runner)

(Vena Cava Model)

It seems that a more dewy fresh faced look will be in for fall, and I'm all ready to start experimenting with it!

From the Make-up for life blog.

“The designers wanted the girls to look like they spent a day skiing and horseback riding – fresh, flushed but tanned.” – Lloyd Simmonds.

* Select Cover-Up Concealer – Applied to the skin as foundation
* Pro Cream Colour Base in Bronze and Mid-tone Sepia – Brushed across forehead and cheekbones for a slightly windblown effect
* Pro Shine Wax – Applied over the Cream Colour Base across the bridge of the nose to give a dewy finish

* Pro Powder Blush in Taupe – Softly brushed along the crease of the eyelid
* Style Predator Eye Shadow – Brushed over the whole eyelid
* Pro Shine Wax – Applied over the eye shadow on the eyelid
* Pro Lash in Black – Applied only to the upper eyelashes

* Lipmix in Red – Applied to the natural shape of the lip to give a sophisticated, matte mouth

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