Monday, February 22, 2010

The 'Foot'Hills

So, our little trip yesterday was a wash. Really. It was raining and it seems that almost every little antique shop was closed. We did manage to find a little candy shop with lots of vintage-y decor and fun stuff like wax mustaches and -yep, they even had candy cigarettes. I didn't think they made those anymore.

We walked around a bit we even found veggie/vegan Mexican food.

Here is a pic of Downtown Sonora.

This is what I wore to walk around...

Mike & Chris Dress and Banana Republic Coat that was an x-mas gift and my now standby boots from UO.

I really cannot wait until all this rain stops! It is hard to plan weekend adventures when it means you have to stick to the indoors. I am being a grumpy gus - I know I should not complain when so many of you are having a pretty rough winter this year. I am just in a complain-y mood today. Our Krups coffee maker broke and due to that, this morning was just plain not fun. Aren't those coffee makers supposed to last forever? It was a gift from my sister and I really really hate when I lose or have a gift break. I don't know why but I start to feel guilty about it.

Tomorrow will be a better day- and I'll be on the search for a coffee maker repair place - and a new weekend day trip destination!

And this, well, this is just silliness...

Wax mustache-ry

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  1. Too bad all the antique stores were closed!
    The mustache is hilarious though!