Sunday, March 21, 2010

Challenge Outfit: # 6 halfway point

Here is outfit number 6 of the challenge - and outfit # 2 with the Mark Jacobs skirt. I m woefully behind and need to play catch up this week- I may go beyond the 24th deadline. It's been hard because each of the pieces is sort of loud- and I didn't want to seem as though I was wearing the same thing to work everyday!

I received a suggestion, in a previous post's comment, to pair the skirt with pink. I don't have any solid pink tops so I paired this with a pink striped top. This outfit is a conditional outfit, because I can't really wear it without a cardigan or belt. The top has ruching at the waist that hits just above the top of the skirt, so I had to belt it, you can kinda make out the ruching in the bottom pic. because the belt slipped down after walking around this afternoon. Condition two is that the skirt has prominent buttons down the hip- that make the belt bulge out a bit on the left side and look funny- hence the cardigan. But, over all I like the outfit. Shh! don't tell anyone it's got some issues!

I realize I've been neglecting to add where the clothes are from, so here goes:
The Top, Cardigan, and Belt are from Anthropologie. The Skirt came from a lovely little consignment shop- and the Shoes are Charlotte Ronson which I bought at the boutique in NYC, and the poor little guys are on their last, er leg? The left shoe has a teeny hole in the sole, that I patched myself- I really need to find a good cobbler (I like using that word, it's very old-timey). Thank you to all who replied to my question about shoe care.

Hope that you all have had a lovely weekend!


  1. This is a really pretty pairing, so light and lovely for beginning of Spring!

    I think its okay if you go beyond the 24th, I was thinking the same thing about my bold pieces.

    I like that you had to add a bit of craftiness to make your outfit work, and it does!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I think this works really well. And I am glad because I love this skirt!

  3. Ha! I really like your explanation of all the issues - it looks really cute though! I love your sunglasses especially!