Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

A lovely warm and sunny Saturday. We usually don't take the car all around town, but we had some errands that involved transporting heavy items, like dropping of our donation items at Goodwill and bringing clothes to trade at the local vintage shop.

We started off our day going to get brunch at the Crepevine- while I can't eat their crepes, they have a really delicious tofu scramble and the best home fries ever!

The waiting is the hardest part...

After brunch we walked around a bit, I traded my clothes at Pretty Penny and got a cute little chambray dress I cannot wait to wear. They had a lot of cute stuff there today that sadly was just a tad too big on me. I am a shorty with quite possibly the world's smallest feet! I am patting myself on the back for turning away the slightly large items, because I just donated items that I have had for years that I promised myself I would get around to altering- that just never happened, and realistically I do not have the time nor patience for that at this time in my life, and with grad school ahead it doesn't seem very likely that that time will come soon!

So, no more piles of ill-fitting clothes in the closet!

After our errands we got iced coffee and just enjoyed the sunshine. Tonight we are walking down to the Piedmont to go see A Single Man. Tomorrow I am sleeping in and maybe making us some vegan pancakes- then the Oscars!

From my closet -

Blazer- UO
Necklace - UO
Dress- (worn backwards ) Topshop
Belt- Rachel Comey - (My favorite accessory)
Tights - CVS?
Shoes- Boutique 9 via Gilt


  1. love the outfit! the gingham dress is just lovely & is something i would wear.

    i wish we had a store like 'pretty penny' around here (or even a 'buffalo exchange'). lol, i always say i'll just have things taken in and/or altered too, and never get around to it! agh.


  2. I love your gingham dress! I am definitely putting one on my 'wanted' list.

    I quite often buy clothes which don't quite fit in hopes of altering them. While I do follow through, it is often months and months later, after I've guilted myself into it.

  3. I guess it's Spring Cleaning time, I definitely need to donate some of my things. I really love your belt - it has such great details.

  4. Thanks everyone! I think that the 'spring cleaning' has really created a feeling of space and new-ness around our little home. I recommend doing it : ) It's actually kind of fun!

  5. That brunch looks fantastic and I love that dress and belt.