Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It seems a seamstress

After getting home from the office - and our Pot-luck lunch, I decided to get a few things together to run down to the seamstress. I have many strapless dresses that I would wear a lot more, if they just had well, straps. So they are now having straps added to them. I am also having the peacock print Liberty for Target dress - turned into a top. I really like the art deco-ish print, which I think would look lovely with highwaisted trousers and a blazer or my trouser jeans - and some heels.

It has been a gorgeous day, and I decided to take a break from the challenge pieces- to break out one of my favorite items. This floaty little dress that I bought from Le Train Bleu last year.

I love this dress, and I'm so glad the warmer weather is here so I can wear it again.

Also, if you're curious, here is the recipe for Vegan Irish Soda Bread. It is soooo good!


  1. Oh my gosh - that dress is crazy beautiful! What a good idea about the strapless dresses - I have a few I never wear either (or only wear with a cardigan over them so I can wear a real bra!) Your shoes are so sweet too!

  2. Futurelint: yes! I have been doing the same thing just throwing on a cardigan - because strapless bras are so not comfortable ( at least not the ones I have!) It's pretty inexpensive too- to add straps : )

  3. I hear you on the strapless dresses! Who wants to spend their day trying to covertly yank their dress back up every time it slides down? And strapless bras are both uncomfortable and fall down as much as the dresses. I think I may have to just add straps to the few dresses I have!

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