Friday, April 2, 2010


Since we had the day off today, we had planned on taking the ferry from the East Bay to the Ferry Building in San Francisco, but of course it's raining and cold yet again.

Instead we walked down to the Piedmont and watched Greenberg. I really liked the film. I tend to enjoy movies that are like perfect quirky short stories - character studies rather than twisting turning or particularly plot driven movies. I am a huge Wes Anderson fan (whom Noah Baumbach has co-written screenplays with), and now with this movie I am a huge Baumbach fan as well.

For the rest of the day we will sit around listening to the rain, watching movies, and maybe order in some thai.

From my closet:

Hoodie - Mike & Chris
Striped top - She Bible
Medallion Necklace - Vintage
Jeans - Joe's Jeans
Shoes - UO


  1. Your jacket looks just like one I have from free people. I will have to post pics so we can compare! So of course, I think it's adorable!!

    Lately my main requruement for a movie is that I want to leave the theater feeling good about Myself and mankind- that's all!
    So were you happy upon exiting the theater?

  2. Hmmm- I wasn't saddened by the film- but I don't think happy would be the right word either : ) I think overall it was about coming to terms or starting to come to terms with the life that you have, not the life you had or the life you want or the life that others are living....