Thursday, April 15, 2010

How the internet works...

I am really excited to share a bit of luck I've had in finding an item, I long gave up hope on.

When Mociun debuted it's little tie front dress, I knew I had to have one. The problem was, I had to save up for one first and by the time I had done that, my size had sold out. Then, Mociun made the dress again in different patterns but, I had the same issue, my clothes money was spent on other things and I had to save again- and yet again, my size sold out. Honestly I have this problem with everything the size xs's sell out lightning fast! You'd think they would make more small sizes. Anyway, I gave up on owning the dress- But then last week, I logged into flickr and saw this.

Anabela of the lovely blog fieldguided had posted a picture of this little Mociun dress because one of her readers was selling it.

You can also see the dress here as worn by KristeinKahn

This was my lucky day! With Anabela's help I contacted the owner of the dress Eve, who happens to be extremely sweet, and before I knew it a package (containing the dress) arrived in the mail. I can't wait to wear it!

Also, last night, Mario and I were lucky enough to score tickets to go see She & Him play at the Fox theater in May. There is a little story that goes along with this as well, but I don't want to say anything lest I jinx it! I am beyond excited. And now I even have the perfect dress to wear to the show!

I've been a fan of M. Ward for some time, and of course of Zooey's, so when I heard about She and Him - way back before Volume One was even released, I got really excited. Have any of you seen them play for this tour? I'd love to hear what you thought of the show, or what you think of Volume Two.


    So flipping lucky!!!
    I wish I could have luck like that.

    I'm currently attempting to figure out a way to get a pair of Earnst Sewn High Waisted Jeans for $79.00!!!
    [[ Check out my blog and you'll see ]]
    The only problem is getting my mother to allow me to get them.
    We made an agreement that I wouldn't buy anything until JUNE.
    But who can pass up a pair of $238.00 jeans IN MY SIZE for $79.00!?!??
    We'll see how this goes.
    There only on sale for another few hours too.



  2. Quel jour! That dress is adorable, I'm sure you'll totally rock it.

    And I'm glad you're feeling better!

  3. Thank you : ) I am feeling much much much better! though I can't deny I sort of liked having the apartment to myself during the day and watching cheeeesey tv.

    -Jordan, good luck with the jeans! : ) that is a good deal!