Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration: Swedish Traditional

I have been finding inspiration in many odd places lately. I am getting excited to shake off the many layers, and socks and boots and general feeling of dreariness - I think this is what has lead me to be seeing styling possibilities I didn't think about before. For example dressing like a"1950's American Man of leisure -whiling away the days in Italy." I've already made plans to go out thrifiting this weekend to find some trousers. And maybe, just maybe, a pair of wayfarer like sunglasses.

Then there is this...

Traditional costumes always fascinate me. Perhaps it is because our own country doesn't have one. I don't know. I love to travel and it seems that every place has its traditional costume, traditional food- all part of a cultural identity- I guess our cultural identity is based on our diversity. In any case - I love traditional costumes from Japan to Peru to Hungary. But, I never really considered incorporating the 'looks' into my own wardrobe- but, as of late I have been seeing a lot of big floral scarves around, and I thought I could pair them with 'tribal print' skirts- almost like well, Swedish traditional dress. So, I am going to try to find some items that fit that bill on my trip to the thrifts as well.

Below are a couple of finds from Etsy. A tribal print
skirt and gorgeous floral scarf.

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