Sunday, May 9, 2010

By the Sea

While I am not feeling 100% better - Mario and I did go on a short trip to the beach yesterday. I thought the sun and some air might be good for me. I also wanted to get out and enjoy some of the week's nice weather since it's back to rain today.

We drove up to Point Reyes National Seashore, there are so many beautiful beaches and hiking spots there. We went to Limantour beach so I wouldn't have to walk around too much while being sick - since many of the beaches are ones you have to hike to.

We hunkered down in a little spot in the dunes, took in some sun, had some lunch, and chatted, and then drove back home through the beautiful pines and redwoods. We did stop to take pictures of some Bishop Pines and the hillsides. Point Reyes is easily one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

I'm not wearing a super special outfit, as I am not about to get all dolled up to go to the beach. I'm wearing a one piece from Anthropologie. I am strictly a one-piece bathing suit kinda gal. If I could find a 1930's jersey swimsuit/dress I would wear that to the beach. That style needs to come back! Over the swimsuit I threw on a little cotton dress that is easy to pull on and off, and the requisite sweater from J. Crew, it's always cold at Point Reyes. Sunglasses are from Etsy, as are the shoes. I went barefoot once we hit the sand. I don't have a pair of flip-flops since I just don't like shoes that show off lots of toe, every year I tell myself I need to get a pair for the beach- and every year I forget. Not this time though! They are on the list of items to pick up at target.

Have you seen this blog? Glamour Splash is dedicated to vintage swimwear, amazing!

I hope that you are all having a great weekend. Oh, and a great mother's day as well! I did not forget- It's just that Mario and I do not have family close by, so for us mother's day means sending out cards and making calls. We can't take our moms out to brunch, or dinner. But I hope that most of you do have family close by, and that you had a fun time celebrating the day.


  1. Love the lacy bodice of the dress, and the big sunglasses.

    I too long for old fashion swimsuit styles - my one-piece with loads of mid section ruching camouflage is the only suit I'll wear.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Oh man I feel the same way about bathing suits, gimme one of those old timey one pieces that were demure. I cant bother with regular ones! You look great, and these photos are making me jealous! I hate living in the desert!

  3. Thanks for sharing the vintage swimsuit blog! I had a mild obsession last summer, which is kind of silly. Minnesota doesn't have much of a beach culture.

    p.s. I am really loving those sunglasses on you!