Monday, May 3, 2010

Chambray kinda day

Everytime I put on something in a chambray fabric, I get into a summery mood. Chambray is so perfect for lazy warm weather days, for dipping feet in the water while sitting on a dock, for wearing with a big sun hat and sipping iced tea, for wearing to picnics in your favorite park.

These are some of my favorite chambray dresses for this season (and believe me there are a ton out there!)

She-Bible Justine Dress

Steven Alan Anchor print dress

Rachel Comey Argonomist dress, I would be all over this dress if it weren't for the fact that the trimming is leather- ( I do not buy new leather) I highly doubt it will ever turn up in my local consignment shop, but you never know.

Not Chambray but, this is what I wore yesterday to do some grocery shopping for a Cinco de Mayo Party!

Cardigan - Topshop, Dress worm as a top via the lovely Le Train Bleu, shorts old F21's, Belt Vintage, Shoes I can't stop wearing via Action is the Fruit on Etsy.

Now off to make Mexican Cookies!


  1. I adore simmer dress shopping... And you can never have too many!

    Your dress looks so cute as a top, and the belt is lovely, what a great find!

    ¡happy cinco de mayo!

  2. Cute dress/top - I love the tie! Keep wearing the shoes - they are rad!

  3. Ky-oot pics! We are of one mind, I've been wanting to wear chambray these past few days too :)