Monday, May 17, 2010

Life Magazine 1968 Sweden's Wild Style Part 1

I really find if funny that is says "New Fashion Find" because hey, if designers from Sweden were a new fashion find then, then what is going on now when fashion sites talk about Swedish designs like they've discovered some sort of fashion Valhalla? And I'm sorry about using Valhalla, because that's actually Norwegian.

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below. Once I get my scanner up and going - I'll post larger pictures as well.

Prints, clogs, jumpsuits and trenches - proving yet again how fashion is cyclical.

Most of the clothes in the article were designed by Katja of Sweden. The design house had a very popular following in the 70's for their wild patterned knits.

Here is a Katja tunic found on this Swedish auction site. It looks like it's straight out of the article.

I love that the designs are atypical of what you would envision Scandinavian style to be.
(Minimal, practical, etc.) Yes, there is that element, but there is also a drawing from traditional color palettes, prints and sensibilities. I mean, how great is that blue dress with those blue clogs?


  1. This magazine is such a great find - I'm glad it was meant to be!

    I love the last two images, they are my favorite, and really, make a few tiny adjustments, and these photos could be from this years issue of Vogue.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I love those first kinda wild and crazy prints, similar to the tunic. I wonder how much it was going for in auction? I have no concept what vintage clothing costs in other countries...

  3. Ooh, thanks for sharing these images with us. I am a little obsessed with Scandinavia in general (politics, economics, crime fiction, pop music) so this was a treat. I especially loved the last picture and the blue dress/clogs. My only Swedish friend remains a real style icon for me. She's somewhat minimalist, but no matter what she wears, she manages to look sexy and sophisticated.

  4. (and thanks for your thoughts about the higher ed questions. And bummer about the furloughs.)

  5. I haven't watched Girl with the Dragon Tatoo yet, but I did read the first two books, and I want to read other Scandinavian crime fiction. One of these days.
    Also, to answer your question: I majored in political science in undergrad because I really like politics. I soon found out that political science has little do with politics, but rather social scientific approaches to the state. But when I graduated, it was the post-dot.com bubble recession, so rather than go into debt with law school, I a PhD program in poli sci, which was fully funded. I can't say I feel "called" to be a professor or to be a political scientist, but it's not a bad gig. Mostly, I like the flexibility (Judith Butler once said the best thing about being a professor was June, July and August).
    Sorry to take over your comments page!

  6. No problem : ) I'm always curious about how people get into their field (as they say) because I really feel that I'm still trying to find my way ... maybe we all do though!