Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kittens - Cookies - TV

As requested, here is a photo of our new Kitten. Her name is Bailey, and boy is she a handful! She kept me up last night by leaping up into bed and purring loudly right by my head. Sounds cute, but nothing is cute at 4am.


I've got lots of exciting news, and some fun things to share for this coming week.

But, for this morning I'm off to the Vegan Bakesale and to run some errands. Tonight we have no exciting plans, maybe we'll watch a movie on TV. Sometimes that is an okay thing to do.

From my closet: The harem trousers are back. I'm trying to find other ways to wear them, and ways to style them as a summer outfit piece.




Sunnies are Cheap Monday, Top is Anthro, Shrug was thrifted. The Harem trousers are from LaMixx on Etsy, and the shoes are vintage. These shoes are my favorite.

Hope you all have great weekend plans.


  1. Oh but that does sound cute! Hehe.
    Hope you have fun at the bake sale.

    My day thus far involves sitting outside painting my nails, and will hopefully involve a trip to the package store for some rum and subsequent watermelon mohitos.

  2. Woah. That is a cute kitten, no joke. I'm dying over here!

    I love your shoes! I like how you styled the harem pants... It's a lot different from other looks I've seen with them.

  3. What a sweet kitteh! I always insist I'm a dog person, but seeing pictures of kittens makes me wonder . . .

    Love your top, too.

  4. kitties are so insane, too bad they make up for with cuteness. I wish I could wear my harem pants. From this point on until October its only shorts/skirts/dresses in this heat!

    ps. has anyone told you that through your blogger profile, your blog is not listed? As in there is no "my blog" thing that links here? Or maybe its just me? Anywho, if I didnt have your link saved I wouldnt be able to access it through your profile! unless this was done on purpose

  5. very cute!
    just found you via your sweet comment on flickr! thanks so much and i'm now following :D

  6. Your pants suits you so well. I like the choice of shoes you did to wear with it. Well done for a summery outfit.

    Claudine xoxo


  7. really cute look...


  8. THank you everyone! The trousers and shoes are so comfortable - they are great to wear all day at work.

    *Eli- thank you! I just went and fixed the problem : )

  9. I'm late to this love fest, but just wanted to say that I love the pic of your new kitten, and dig you in the harem pants/blouse combo.
    Also, I received your awesome package and I can't wait to wear them! Which I fear may not be until the fall, but it will still be epic!

  10. You look great in the London lux trousers!
    could we post on the lamixx blog and facebook we will link your blogsite :)
    Please email lamixx on etsy.