Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Les animaux et les photos de Paris

Animal prints seem to be everywhere. Just why are they so endearing? Why is it that if I spot a tee, dress, dish cloth, towel, mug or dinnerware set with owls or horses or kittens printed on them- that I instantly fall in love? And, with the Miu Miu looks out there it has only intensified my love of all things animal print.


These things are lovely...


Raccoon top from Anthropologie.


Fox top from Ruche.

And, yet another seagull print. Skirt is from Asos.

Attack of the Seagulls

As, you know I have been closet cleaning, and dress altering, and in general getting on with my to-do list. One thing I did this weekend that was long overdue - was to take the black and white film of photos I took in Paris to be developed. It has been years since my trip there, and I do not even remember exactly what I took pictures of. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, and I hope to escape the fate of having the ex-beau, (not the Swedish ex-beau, but the mopey ex-beau) pop up in a random shot or two.


  1. Just went to the Ruche sight and they have international shipping...oh me oh my...love your taste. They have a seagull tunic denim dress at ruche...yum.

  2. You have a Swedish ex-beau too? Must be one of those things...

  3. Swedish ex-beau...mmmm... is it weird to be jealous of other peoples exes who you don't even know?

    It is hard not to love cute animal prints!
    the foxes are darling.

    Chic on the Cheap