Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wear to Work & Shoe Hunting

Do you ever have those days where the work just keeps on coming, and no matter how much you hustle nothing seems to get done ? Well yesterday was one of those days - At least I was comfortable.



I am wearing the same Cheap Monday sunglasses, a shrug I bought in Japan (at a store I believe was called Lowry's Farm), the top is old from F21 and the skirt is from Anthro. Then there are the shoes. Oh, little Target shoes, you really are a great little pair- you have a slight wedge, you are comfy enough to walk home in, you are vegan, but let us not forget we all have our faults and well I'm sorry to say you are cheap.

I have had them since January, and they have been starting to fall apart since February- to be fair, I do wear them at least four days a week. I would like to find another pair of vegan shoes that I can wear to work with my more casual outfits and that I can also wear with more 'corporate looks' for meetings. Ideally this pair of shoes would be well-made and last a lot longer than the little Target pair.

This is easier said than done, because the laws of the universe are such, that,when you are really looking for one thing in particular (something that should be easy to find), be it a great pair of houndstooth trousers, a comfortable yet flattering pair of high waisted shorts, or simple black flats- the search is pretty much fruitless.

I have been looking for this perfect vegan work shoe for over two months, and Nada.

While the perfect pair of work shoes eludes me, I did come across some amazing vegan shoe collections: Cri de Coeur and Olsen Haus. I love these shoes, but they are more for play, than for work, at least at my office. I may still need to get these ...

From Cri de Coeur


From Olsen Haus


Where do you buy shoes?


  1. thanks so much for mentioning cri de coeur! your blog is so great - love your style ;)

  2. I adore those strappy wedges -- I'd probably wear them to work...

    I have a bit of the opposite problem, when I'm looking for shoes I get disappointed if they aren't leather.

    Leather is just one of those things where I've rationalized that it will last so much longer than the plastic shoes that it's better for everyone. I feel bad about the cow but I also feel bad about throwing away lots of plastic shoes. That's my logic, anyway.

    I always check Amazon and tjmaxx. That pretty much represents 80% of my shoe collection.

  3. Lyddie- hehe : ) I do wear vinatge leather shoes or thrift/consignment leather. Mainly because vintage shoes are tiny. But if I buy new I look for vegan shoes. Tough because there are a lot of cheaply made options out there. For shoes though I feel like I can justify spending a bit more if they are wellmade. I really want to try on those strappy Cri de Coeur shoes.

    BTW...I love your shoe collection!

  4. Finding vegan shoes can be kind of a challenge. Melissa's makes some black flats, but I'm not sure where you can find them:


  5. Oooh, the blue little wedge heel . . . love.

    Also, I just went to email you but my Mac keeps doing this weird thing . . . if you want to email me any questions about grad school you can at ang(dot)kunkel(at)gmail(dot)com