Thursday, July 29, 2010

The best costume for the day...

As I write this, the kitties are chasing each other around - Bailey, our kitten just can't seem to keep out of trouble- from chasing around and annoying Prescott (our older cat) to biting electrical cords, to chewing up my Chie Miharas - I feel like all I'm ever saying to her is "No."

Training cats is a lot harder than I thought. I grew up with dogs and being a dog owner, I guess I'm just used to how dogs respond. Kitties well, they're a different story. But, she's a doll and loves to be held and follows me around everywhere- yep, I think she likes me (even if I do tell her no a lot) and I love her, so we're all good. I just hope she starts to learn quickly of what she can and cannot do - mostly for her own safety - biting cords that are plugged into the wall is not good at all.

Here is what I wore today to do some work, get my bangs trimmed, go out for Thai food, and chase behind a kitten.



Cardigan is J.Crew, Top is from a boutique from a trip to Santa Cruz, the trousers are Zara, the belt is thrifted UO, shoes are from Anthro.


  1. I dig these pants and the colors of this outfit!
    Also, have you tried bitter apple (you can get it at Petco or most pet shops) for your cords? It's very stinky/sour and cats hate it, but you have to get it on their paws first so they lick it off, and taste it (kind of cruel, I know, but it works and can save a silly kitty's life).

  2. I love those tousers!

    I've never personally trained kitten (we got a full grown cat because i think you do have to be home quite a lot with kittens), but from what i heard, they're pretty quick to learn, so in no time at all you'll just have cuteness and no cord-chewing! Good luck!

  3. Hehe, the idea of training cats made me giggle a little... I second the bitter apple idea. You could try spraying her with a water bottle, but that probably isn't too good an idea when the problem concerns exposed electrical wire. I always feel so mean doing that, too.

    Love your pants! These colors are great... So muted and pretty!

  4. When you're done maybe you can come train my cats not to puke on everything.

  5. Thanks ladies, I'll have to try bitter apple. Our other cat doesn't chew stuff- so hopefully Bailey will learn no too. It scares me that when we're not home she may bite a cord so I unplugg stuff like my alarm clock and lamps -

    @pineapplemint - oh noes our older cat loves to revsit his meals on our beige carpet, let's just say we're not getting our deposit back- eghads I want wood floors!

  6. Those pants are great.

    I use bitter apple spray to keep my cats from chewing, and it works well.

  7. No, not the Chie Miharas! You put those in a box right now!

    We've got the bitter apple for Chloe, because she has 'hot spots' where she decides to pull all the fur off her paw until she bleeds (yeah, crazy dog) but if we don't reapply it every few hours it doesn't help much.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. lovely outfit and I like the lighting in the photo.

  9. i really love this outfit. it's simple but the cut of everything works so well.

  10. Great outfit love the fit and colour of the trousers xoxo

  11. You look so pretty and chic. You're style reminds me of Greta Garbo, which is one of my biggest idols.

    On a separate note, training cats is terribly hard. I have a couple, and I learned that part of the best way is to get a water bottle and squirt them every time they do something. It doesn't hurt them, but they don't like it and eventually get the picture. Hope that helps. Good luck training your kitty.

  12. I really love your trousers and shoes! I just read your question about the swedish hasbeens, they are pretty comfy, but sadly I haven't gotten a ton of use yet. Good luck with the kitty training!