Monday, July 26, 2010

Capsule Wardrobe: Pacific Northwest Road Trip.

What does one pack for a week long road trip that takes you from beaches to cities to mountains?

The trip is a week away, but I'm already thinking about what to pack. I need to bring items to hike in, go to the beach with, items to wear to fancy dinners - and of course items to wear while seeing the sights.

Mario and I are sharing one large bag-whatever we bring has to fit into that one bag, that's the goal.

Can this be done?


So far I'm thinking:
1. sun dress
2. a pair of shorts
3. white tee
4. a nice 'dining out dress'
5. a cardigan
6. a bathing suit
7. sneakers
8. nice flats to walk around in and to wear to anything fancy
9. jeans?
10. maybe a skirt
11. a couple of cute tops to mix and match.

We shall see. I'm looking through my closet tonight and will post my choices tomorrow.

I am just hoping that I can leave my jacket and the cruddy bay area weather behind. Today I saw so many people in pea coats at the train station. Pea coats in summer!?! And I'm wearing tights, a long sleeved dress, a cardigan and a scarf!


  1. If you're going to be hiking, perhaps a pair of cute, but sturdy boots. Like the ones at U.O. When I had to pack for a week long trip for Louisiana, and we had limited space in the car, I found it easier to wear the more bulky items for the drive that way I had enough space for everything else, plus whatever I brought back.

  2. Don't forget some sort of hat, if you are going to be hiking in the woods, and sandals for the beach!

    Peacoats? That sounds miserable. Today was actually 'cool' at 79°.

    I hope the weather gets better!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Good luck, I'm afraid I can't offer much advice as I'm terrible at packing. I always forget to make sure things match. A few years ago I went to a music festival and forgot to pack a coat/jumper, so had to buy a bright red fake fur jacket from a stall. There's a photo somewhere of me wearing said coat over a green dress with neon pink tights and wellies. And probably carrying my belongings in a plastic carrier bag.

  4. I went to college in the Bay Area and I always used to chuckle at tourists freezing in their shorts and tee shirts. Summer, ha!

  5. Wahoo! Awesome idea to list this stuff! I'm going to Australia in a few weeks with my daughter, and my hubs and son are meeting up with us there after 5 days...I'm planning on taking a fairly empty case (mostly Ms2's stuff). I always struggle whittling down the list.

  6. sounds like a great trip and your list looks perfect!