Friday, July 2, 2010


There has been a lot of talk on the blogs I frequent about the lack of time to re-mix outfits/wardrobe pieces. I too fall into this category. I find one way to wear something and I'm set. This is because I just do not have the motivation to make the time to 'play dress-up'.

I mean, you have to get up get ready be out the door and at the office early, and by the time you get home there are chores to do, dinners to make, and find time to throw in a work out a few times a week. It is tough. Also, I just feel kind of silly strutting about in front of a mirror while the hubs looks on oddly bemused. Oh the joys of a small one bedroom home. What to do? I know myself and the only way I get motivated to do something is if there is a challenge involved.

So I am beginning a summer challenge to try to mix up four of my very favorite pieces - into four different outfits. Outfits that I have not worn before. Yikes!

I've decided to start with this Steven Alan skirt...


Brooklyn Gangs


This outfit was inspired by Bruce Davidson's 1950's photo study Brooklyn Gangs, and Brigitte Bardot This is definitely a more modern take, but I kept the pencil skirt shape, black & white stripes, and tried for big hair.

Sunnies- Cheap Monday, top- AA, shoes - Target, necklace was a gift.

1 outfit down, 3 to go.

Also, remember that for the month of July you can enter to win this Liberty of London for Target dress. For details on how to enter go here.

What motivates and inspires you to put together new outfits?


  1. Oh how cute! I love the structured skirt with the slouchy top and little wedges.

    I suppose if I was unable to try on a million different things in private I might feel a bit less inclined to do so, but after years of watching 'What Not To Wear' I started to think about how important it was to always look my best and to start putting more effort into my outfits.

    Then came wardrobe_remix and the blog and I suddenly had 'someone' to get dressed for, other than myself.

    Remixing wasn't really something I'd though about before the blog, nor were style challenges, but since it has become 90% of my social life and it's not like I'm going out with people on a friday night, I might as well think about outfits.

    ... I think I need more friends.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I have the same problem. We have a 1 1/2 bedroom apartment (the home office is the proper bedroom, and the 1/2 size bd just stores the bed). Our mirror is in the bathroom, so Blokey knows EVERYTIME I go in there to check out an outfit, because the fan turns on automatically. Oh, the embarrassment. [I imagine he prefers that I prance about in different clothes rather than be a total slob, though). I tried remixing a dress today and it's tough to do in the summer, when layering in mid 80s weather seems unpractical. I look forward to seeing how you remix this adorable skirt.

  3. love the outfit with the striped sweater...it's so lovely!!...love blog!
    (been a follower for a long time...keep posting)

    come visit...XOXX

  4. Lyddie - Yeah, after college (where I slouched around in ill fitting vintage dresses & tees and jeans- I figured it was time to start dressing to look my best. It still is hard though to find the time. You're lucky to have a private space : )

    Rad - I guess that's true "I imagine he prefers that I prance about in different clothes rather than be a total slob, though" Mario probably feels the same way. : ) and I like the summer outfits you've been sportin'

    Abigail - Aww, thank you! That means a lot.