Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dancing the Night Away

My love of 60's music and fashion started young - waaay back when I discovered my mom's record collection at the age of 5- It was full of pop gems from around Europe and they all had these amazing covers with guys and girls in far-out outfits and hair. I loved the music and spent many of my days dancing around singing along with Francoise Hardy and the Beatles. I know so many songs by heart from the Kinks, to Martha and the Vandellas. And, while I went through a mod-phase in high school, I really only really began to learn about the pervasiveness of 60's pop rock in a class I took in college with the fantastic musician Fred Frith. It was a class on cross-currents in music with a focus on western pop- and rock music and it's influences of music in Eastern countries.

I loved this class. I mean where else could I have studied about the music of Bollywood movies?

And, where else could I have learned in depth about the compositions of R.D. Burman ?

These are two of my favorite 'Bollywood' film music compositions, though I've yet to see the films!

I also discovered that some amazing pop groups came out of Singapore in the 60's.
Check out The Crescendos, Naomi & The Boys, The Quests, Ernie Djohan the list goes on and on!



  1. Bollywood movies are fantastic. My best friend is from Bangladesh, and she pretty much only watches Bollywood films. So I've spent a lot of time listening to them. They have so many layers and are full of complex emotions and imagery.


  2. I love that you posted that first video. I have watched it many times. In my make believe dream life as a burlesque performer I reinterpret it for a new audience...