Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Perils of the Road

I consider myself a well seasoned traveler. I've been around- but I am used to jetting around via plane, riding on trains, or boats- road trips are another story. Maybe I'm just getting old but, spending hours upon hours in the car only eating energy bars and fruit for sustenance is well, not that fun. It is really REALLY hard to find vegan/gluten-free options outside of larger cities so that made finding food a huge task. Also, we slept in a couple of (although cute and kitchy) maybe not so pristine motels - and I have ended up with a pretty gross rash on my face as a result of a not so clean pillow case? Or, maybe I was just allergic to the detergent or fabric softener used to clean them? That has happened to me before - but at home - not on a trip where I'll have many photos to remember it by. Ah ! Well! We are in Portland and we had a pretty good (vegan/gluten-free) Thai meal with some of Mario's old friends. We also got a quick tour (by car) of the city. I'm anxious to get out and explore on foot! Speaking of which, can you believe the sole of my oxfords split in half while walking around Manzanita? Luckily there is a shoe repair place right by our hotel. My shoes should be ready to pick up tomorrow. Phew!

We spent the last day/night in the beautiful seaside town of Manzanita Oregon. We walked a lot by the shore and through the little town. We will be going back there to stay and maybe rent a beach house for a week.

Here are some of the sights we saw on the ride from Brookings to Manzanita...




That's me in the hoody!


And, we did get a little sun.


and dinosaurs,


and dunes.




  1. Oh that coast looks amazing! I have a relative in Oregon I have never visited and definitely should!

  2. The rash sounds horrible! I hope its very temporary.

    I'm glad to hear you were able to get your shoes fixed as well, that's so crazy to just have them break like that.

    At least the scenery is gorgeous, and I hope you are having fun!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. yay for holidays! Those scenic shots are gorgeous. i would love to visit ALL of the USA one day...such a hugely vast land with so many different landscapes!!! I can hardly imagine it. (Especially seeing as my country is but a speck in the ocean) happy travelling!