Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hair Care Q's

I've recently had some questions about my hair / hair care routine. My hair has always been a point of contention for me. It never wants to do what I want it to. I'm sure most of us have that issue! I always feel like I look a mess- so, I would like to thank all of you for your kind comments about my current 'do.

While my hair can be a bit cranky with me, I do have to say it's been the healthiest it's been in years.

* I only wash my hair once a week. The hubs thinks this is weird, but it is healthier for your hair to wash it less. I do use a chamomile flower dry shampoo on my bangs if they start to look a bit shiny.

* I never ever use a brush on my hair. After I wash my hair I use a wide tooth comb and gently comb through. Then I air dry. Except for my bangs - I do blow dry them to keep them straight but, I generally only need to do that once a week. And, after that initial comb through I really don't comb my hair the rest of the week either.

My hair is really funny in that the first couple of days after I wash it it's really wavy and by the end of the week it's straight, the waves just fall out. I have tried curling my hair or trying to get the waviness to stay, but it just won't hold! I guess it's the washing that makes it wavy?

I used to blow dry my hair straight - but I've been doing really well avoiding this as it's not the best thing for your hair and it strips away shine.

* For product, I use Hamadi Ginger Soy wash, but I was in a pinch the last time I needed shampoo and since we just happened to be at Target I bought a bottle of Yes to Carrots - hair wash, that is actually quite nice. For conditioner I use the Hamadi Shea leave-in that I apply to my hair when it is slightly damp, and also use to tame fly-aways and such. It is also super for preventing split ends if you add a little bit each day to the ends of you hair.

What's your hair care routine?

Not quite Isabel Marant
From my closet: I was trying to put together a look that channeled Isabel Marant. Scarf- oldie but goody from UO, Sweater and trousers - Zara, Shoes - Vintage via Action is the Fruit on etsy. Top- AA, Stag necklace, Erica Weiner.


  1. Oh, i wish i could wash my hair less often, sadly i've been dying it for so many years that it's in terrible condition. Your hair always looks great! xx

  2. Thanks for the suggestions... I've been thinking about cutting down on my daily hair washing. I suppose to start with you have to take a deep breath and just go for it, because shampooing everyday really isn't natural.

  3. I only wash my hair once a week too, you're right it is much better for it & it means that my colour doesn't fade out as quick.
    I also leave mine to air dry, it's not only better for it but it's less hassle that trying to blow-wave.

  4. Wow, once a week --- you're so lucky!
    I try to wait as long as possible between washes, but after two days oil and dandruff leave it looking pretty mangy.

    I never brush my hair either, wide tooth comb and fingers only! I also put my comb in the dishwasher every couple weeks, which everyone always thinks is so weird, but it gets really dirty.

  5. I wash my hair every other day. If I go longer than that it looks oily, even if I use dry shampoo. Sometimes I air dry, and sometimes I blow dry.

  6. I'm the exact same way, unless I've been working out, I wash my hair once a week. It's surprisingly easy. When my hair is long like now, it takes forever to dry anyway. I've been using say yes to carrots recently too, I'm in total love with it. I want to try say yes to tomatos

  7. I'm new to your blog, and I just wanted to say that I'm loving what I'm seeing. I love the Zara trousers and that scarf is fabulous!

    I run four or five days a week and my hair is disgusting if I don't wash it after a run. I've tried just conditioning it, but it looks limp and oily. I do skip the days that I don't run and would love to be able to shampoo less.