Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NYC in four days or less... Part One

Our short time in NYC was fantastic. The trip was my Birthday present from my ever awesome hubby. I mean just how does one top that? And, since I did know about the gift since July (hehe) he also got me the cutest bird print scarf seen here:


And, I got the cutest owl wallet. I have a thing for bird prints.

We arrived in NYC on Thursday, my birthday day. We stayed at a friendly Brownstone B&B in Brooklyn. I honestly did not know what to expect of our accommodations- since the place was a bit far out from Manhattan- but the owners were great and they even got us Vegan breakfast foods. The stay was pleasant, I guess we just aren't used to a lot of noise (our little corner of Oakland is woodsy and quiet) in Brooklyn we were woken up at 6am by singing from a nearby mosque? At least that's what we think it was. And, there was always street noise.

I did really like the details of the room. Super cute and it was huge!



After our flight and getting freshened up, we headed out to Manhattan where we had dinner reservations at Blossom. They had this uber delicious - Lavender Creme Brulee. If you're ever in the city you have to try it!


Friday morning we headed over to the Lower East Side to get some BabyCakes cupcakes for breakfast, and I got a bang trim and blow out at Fringe Salon - All in the spirit of being decadent! Mostly I did that because my hair was an awful untamed mess, and I didn't pack my Hamadi styling cream- and, because we had dinner reservations that night at Candle 79.

After our cupcake breakfast, and my quick hair touch up, we headed over to the MOMA. I love this museum. There was just such a great span of modern works.






After the museum, and heading back to change into more formal attire, for dinner. Candle 79 was so so so good. We had an amazing table on the second floor, and a great waiter. And I ordered the most delicious Butternut Squash Wild Mushroom Risotto. Seriously, we had so much good food on our trip it's too hard to pick a favorite, but the atmosphere at Candle 79 won me over. I don't think any other city (that I've been to) does vegan fine dining like NYC.

And, after our late dinner - we thought it would be romantic to head up to the Empire State to get a view of the city. We had the place practically to ourselves.



It was pretty cold up there, but I think that just made it all the more romantic - albeit touristy and Sleepless-in Seattle-y. But you know what? Sometimes, you have to allow yourself cheese ball moments in life. I loved every second of it.


  1. so beautiful! Im living vicariously through you because Ive never done NYC. it looks so huge and daunting, but your post makes it seems not so scary. gosh I need to go there

  2. Great photos! What a lovely trip. I'm rather envious!

    I don't think I've ever experience vegan fine dining, most places that specialise in vegan food tend to be hippy cafes, with generous portions of lentils!

  3. Awww, sounds like you've struck gold in the husband department, and you first day in the city sounds fantastic.
    I love that you got a haircut and embraced the idea of vacation pampering.

  4. Fun! I still haven't been to the MOMA, need to get around to it next time I'm in NYC! How fun to be on top of the Empire State building at night!

  5. Cute pictures. I need to go to the MOMA some time. I love NYC.