Sunday, February 27, 2011

Closet Visit

I am really trying to downsize my closet, and let go of pieces that I've held on to for sentimental reasons, things I picked up in Europe and other things that I think are amazing, but that I never wear. It's time for them to move on to other homes. So, I am listing them on ebay, for now and I am collecting and cleaning items to list on etsy.

Anyway, I am also trying to redecorate the bedroom and make it pretty - since now it is pretty much a place to store the items that don't really have a place in the rest of the apartment. Yeay for city living.

I may be late in the game on this one, but I am pretty much obsessing over the Closet Visit blog posts.

As I try to arrange the bedroom, and edit my wardrobe, I am finding lots of inspiration from the women featured on Closet Visit. Their homes are amazing and their wardrobes equally so. I have to admit, I'm a bit envious and I really can't wait until we move out of our current place. But, as of yet we haven't found a place that meets our requirements. And, yes I'm aware that we are very picky.

Here are some Closet Visit photos.

I actually meet the super sweet doggie in the photo above, and the woman in the photo as well - Bo Carney the owner of the Mohawk General Store - when I went shopping in Los Angeles with my sister last year.

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  1. oh no! That blog is fabulous! one more for me to follow.