Friday, February 4, 2011

Through Word of Blog...

I don't consider my self a person who is easily swayed by advertising. It takes a pretty convincing argument to get me to purchase something I don't normally buy. And, while I read blog after fashion blog, I haven't gone off and purchased tons of things I see bloggers posting.

But then, there are the few bloggers whom I feel have similar tastes as me, or at least similar interests and values. I trust their opinions, so when they talk about products they use I'm curious, and I'll listen.

And, apparently in the case of chocolate, I'll go out in full fledged search mode to track down a place that sells it.

Such was the case after reading Jesse.anne.o's post mentioning this...


I just had to try it. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet. I ate a whole bar in two days, and it usually takes me about a week to get through a chocolate bar. So Jesse thanks for sharing about these guys- though come closer to summer I may be silently cursing the name 'Chocolove', as I do an extra 30 minutes of cardio.

Have you purchased items because you read about them in a blog? I mean, I know people do. I'm not alone in this. I'm just curious about those of you that stop in an read my little blog. What kinds of 'reviews' on blogs are you likely to be interested in?


  1. Like you, I responded to this chocolate post! Otherwise, I generally read the blogs for styling ideas for things I already own.

    However, in the interests of full disclosure, I would love to see more of the following types of reviews: ethical fashion, comfortable-yet-stylish boots and shoes.

  2. I have bought things that I'd seen on other bloggers and loved and had to have. Not things they reviewed, just what they were wearing.
    Like a pair of boots, literally off the bloggers own feet (they were too small for her)
    I've sought out colors, patterns, styles, lion belts...
    And if there wasn't a dark chocolate bar with seasalt sitting on my kitchen table right now I might go buy one. Though mine doesnt have almonds...

  3. Hah! I am so glad you found one and you like it! :)

    I am the same way you are - I feel like I trust the folks I have some similarities to, and folks who seem like they write honest reviews and not just take free swag to provide lip service. I have to say (although I'd already purchased crappy Wanted shoes in the past and already avoided them), it was so nice to see Orchid Grey call them out on the quality when she reviewed their shoes. Mega bonus points!

  4. I am a little wary of buying things, but have bought recommendations based off some bloggers. And yes Jesse hits it though, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between sponsored posts, good thing the FCC requires them to tell now. I mostly would stick to buying beauty products. Although, on the ultra cool Luxirare blog, she did recommend Trader Joes chocolate croissants saying they were like from Paris, and she was pretty dead on, they were so yummy!

  5. Gosh that chocolate sounds so good! I certainly get inspired reading peoples blogs, but I don't find myself exactly replicating what people are doing or wearing. I like to put my own spin on looks I see, especially if I can do it with something I already own!