Monday, March 14, 2011

Gimmie a break - Spring break

Sometimes we all just need a break, a vacation, a respite, etc. I for one could use a break from the gloom and rain, and from doing double duty with school and work. ( I actually thought this wasn't going to be hard). It's tough! I honestly think I need a nanny, an intern or a personal assistant to get it all done. Between working the 9 to 5'er and the researching and writing - I still have to do laundry, cook meals, and random things like vacuum, go to the post office, and buy groceries. I can't imagine how people work full-time, go to school and have kids. On top of all this I'm shuffling about visiting doctor after doctor.

But after the terrible situation in Japan - how can I really complain? I am glad to know that my friends in Tokyo are all safe and hanging in there. It was sort of a mad dash of Facebook messages and then panic - since it took a bit to hear back. So frightening. I know that some of my readers are in Japan and I hope that you too are safe. And, to my readers in New Zealand - please know that I worry about your safety too! In California, we're not strangers to earthquakes either - and yet it's not something that ever really crosses my mind in my day to day. Is that strange?

This is a somber topic and and I would like to share something a bit cheerier.

Last week between doctor appointments Mario and I snuck in a quick trip to Golden Gate Park and the de Young museum. Sometimes just a little break like that is enough to just stop, recharge, and really live in your surroundings. The sun even came out a bit.

Getting Elizabethan at the Shakespeare Garden.

Shakespeare Garden Golden Gate Park


The Concourse

Golden Gate Concourse

Glass Fruit





I apologize that I haven't been as devoted to this blog lately, because of work, my sicko status, and school- it's hard to find the time. I actually had to start a second blog for an online Journalism and Social Media class, that will eventually become a more writing focused blog.


  1. Glad you got to enjoy some sun in the park, and I hope you are feeling better soon and getting to enjoy a little break from school.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Hope your health has taken a turn for the better :)

    Also, they're having Balenciaga at the DeYoung soon! I cant wait!