Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cupcakes, Flakes, and French Films

This past weekend while the hubs was away I decided to have a girls night. A few friends, vegan cupcakes, sparkling wine, and Anna and Audrey (Karnia & Hepburn of course).



I busted out the Babycakes cookbook, and spent the morning baking - running to the video store and market only to well, have it all fall through. This seems to be happening a lot lately. Plans are made and at the last minute, well "life stuff" happens, plans change - and things fall through. I'm not angry - even if spending a Saturday night alone with two dozen cupcakes and half a bottle of wine - sounds more like an after break up scenario - and less like a fun low key evening at home - I still enjoyed my 'alone time' with some of my favorite films.

I guess, I just have to wonder why this keeps happening...
I know I am guilty of flaking out now and again as well. It just seems like the older I get, the more things I have on my plate - and that leaves less time for fun and friends. I mean, I remember it was always friends first. Now well, it's work and classes, and laundry ugh! It's enough to get you down, then I read this on HelloGiggles.

Guess I'm not alone in this. Ah well, bring on the cupcakes and prosecco - and I guess you just have to really enjoy those times that you and your friends do have together.


  1. Those cupcakes look so good!


  2. oh, this sounds like fun!! honestly, what more can someone ask for a perfect day??

  3. mmmmm....sorry that happened, especially when you went to all that trouble. But hey, two dozen cupcakes wouldn't stand a chance alone with me.

  4. oh poor Suzz! But I'm glad you made the best of things, i love watching movies on my own...i can pause it when i like, and drop crumbs everywhere and laugh uproariously if i so feel like it. So i get that you probably ended up having a good time. I have to MAKE time these days to catch up with people. I can't run on the fly anymore...i have to set a date and mean it - otherwise i just won't be able to do it. You're right, it is the plethora of responsibilities we have and then the need for a tiny bit of "me" time that limits our once social lives.

  5. Sorry your plans didn't work out, I hate it when my friends flake on me, sometimes I wonder why I even make plans with some of them, They flake on me so much.

    But atleast you made the best of it!

  6. OOOh danger, danger Will Robinson. I was a-scared for YOU when I read your proximity to deliciousness on Saturday. Of course you probably have more self control than me so I'm guessing it worked out okay!

    It sucks when plans don't pan out and I find that every year that I get a wee bit older, my life gets more complicated with life shit that isn't fun, but is more about obligation. Which makes it even worse when I deek out on plans. The 23 yr old me never envisioned missing a girls night because I had a throbbing headache after work and needed to water my garden....

    I hope your gals clear up their schedules real soon and commit to a night--- it's good for your souls ;-)

    ~ B.

  7. I hate it when people flake out at the last minute! It's hard to make time for friends sometimes, but it's so important to do. But I wouldn't be too upset about a night to myself with some cupcakes, wine and movies :)

  8. Aw, I'm sorry things were not as planned. And yeah, isn't it funny how when we're younger, we always want to grow older because we think it's more fun? Uhh..not really!! Our parents were right! Being older isn't exactly daisies and rainbows every day. But nonetheless, we can still enjoy the simple things...like cupcakes!!! Goodness, how badly I want one now...


  9. that sounds amazing! the cupcakes look so good! yumm :)


  10. Mmm, vegan cupcakes are the best. :) I haven't gotten the Babycakes book yet, would you recommend it?