Monday, November 14, 2011

"See my vest..."

Somethings things out there in the fashion world prompt me to question designer's... um, and consumer's sanity. I'm sure you've seen these Louboutin "beauts".

I get humor & Tongue in Cheek fashion - but this is ridiculous. I mean unless you're going on your dream date with the cowardly lion. It reminds me so much of that Simpson's episode where Mr. Burn's want to make a coat out of Santa's Little Helper's puppies...and he sings that song wearing a monkey vest, and elephant boots made from elephant feet. You can listen to the song here.

I just don't find these shoes at all fun or attractive. And, don't get me started on those fuzzy Yak boots ladies wear in winter. I don't see the appeal. It's a bit gross to be wearing animal parts.

But, maybe I'm wrong. Let me know if you disagree - or if you feel there is a time and place for this kind of thing.


  1. Oh I'm all for it...
    At an anime convention.

  2. Haha those shoes are hilarious. I dunno, part of me kinda likes them! :)

  3. Ha, yes, they're kind of funny but also a bit scary at the same time!

    We were staying at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, it was amazing (we haven't really had a summer in the UK so sun & that pool was pretty much bliss) I am loving LA too, i wish it wasn't quite so far away from London, i could happily wander around all the markets every weekend :) xxx