Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Korakia

Sometimes a place just inspires you. Last year on our trip to Palm Springs (which I've decided should be an annual trip every February) we came across the Korakia Pensione. We were just down the street at an amazing Mid- century hotel. I packed up retro-atomic prints and 60's garb to wear to the poolside happy hours- but with just one look at the Korakia I was longing to wear slinky dresses and bob my hair. I am hoping that we get to make that day-dream possible this winter.

Just look at this place! And they show old movies at night in their courtyard. I want to wander around in it and pretend to be a silent film star...I mean a Candlelit orchard? That's the stuff of dreams.

Now to start planning the perfect things to pack...

1 comment:

  1. wow... now that is a place to inspire a wardrobe... I think I'd spend far too long trying to decide what to pack, and be excessively over dressed the entire time...
    but that is seriously beautiful!