Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Barcelona

I really didn't do too much sightseeing around Barcelona. For one, I was working, and also it was not my first time visiting the city for an extended period of time (so I'd already seen most of the landmark sites). It is a really beautiful city, but for me, it just did not feel like home right away. For the first half of my stay I was adjusting to the time change, and climate change. There is a nine hour time difference between California and Spain. Also, Barcelona was about twenty degrees hotter than the bay area. It was also a bit lonely. It took some time to meet new friends, but that is true of anywhere new that you go in the world. Here are some random shots taken while out and about in the city.

The Streets in El Born

The Sagrada Familia


  1. All of your blog posts about Spain have made me even more eager to plan a trip there.

  2. I'm sorry you never got that "home" feeling during your time in Barcelona. I know exactly what you mean, though. From the photos, it looks like a gorgeous place! Sounds wonderful for a visit!