Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer in Europe - Spain

I'm back, I've been gone out of country with shoddy internet connections and frankly, I was too busy to keep up with blogging. I spent my summer on an internship in Spain and I was able to visit the cities of Madrid, Granada, and travel to Florence Italy, before heading off to France and spending a couple weeks in Paris. Now I am back. Settling into my home life and dreaming of future travels. As I catch up on projects I'm working on around home, and while I settle back into routines. I'll be posting some photos from my travels. Here are some photos from around Madrid. I still can't believe that we are already into the Fall season. Are you all enjoying the return of the Pumpkin Spice drinks?


  1. As I followed your travels on instagram I have been so envious! Seems like you had the most wonderful summer.
    i hope it isn't too hard to adjust to home life again.

  2. Ahhhh! That sounds like an incredible trip! Je suis tres envieuse! Even though I've done quite a bit of traveling, I still haven't gotten to Spain and I'd like to go so badly! I was soo close last time I was in France. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos!

    PS I'm now following you on instagram. :)

    North Country Girl