Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Week Faves: Erin Fetherston A/w 2010

I really have a love for all things 60's (and yeah even 70's except for maybe disco and polyester) so, when I saw Erin Fetherston's Fall 2010 collection I was smitten. The collection channels Velevet Underground muse and chantuese, Nico. It's classic and tailored, but with a bit of bohemian/rock & roll edge.

Below are some pics from the show - see the whole collection here.

I am loving wearing longer blazers over mini dresses- with tights and boots, and I will continue to wear the look, albeit with rolled sleeves and flats and ankle boots (minus tights) into the summer- I am looking forward to styling blazers and knee high boots with long dresses- as done for this collection.

Quite possibly my favorite part of the whole show - the hair and make-up.

Quotes from the artists via BellaSugar blog:

Make-up: Erin Fetherson infused her trademark princess frocks with a bit of rock n' roll tailoring for fall in what seemed to be a very clear nod to her inspiration: Ultimate Chelsea girl Nico, from the Velvet Underground. That downtown vibe translated into hair and makeup that was edgy, but still natural."It's a '70s-style girl but we didn't want to go too literal," said makeup artist Luca Pica. "We just wanted them to look very healthy and glowing, as if they have been running in the fields to work with the beautiful chiffon dresses." To do this, she centered the look around glowing skin, massaging a bit of oil onto the face with moisturizer, and using a sheer lipstick instead of cream blush on the cheeks.

"A glowing, natural look" was how makeup artist Lucia Pica described her vision. To create the face, she mixed MAC Care Blends essential oil with moisturizer and massaged it into skin. "It gets the blood circulating," she explained. From there, she curled the lashes and applied minimal foundation only over skin imperfections. To get the fresh-from-the-outdoors blush, she used her fingers to dab MAC Fearless lipstick on cheeks, blending well. The same lipstick was pressed onto lips. (Get more intense color by applying a little more using just the tip.) On eyelids, she used a blending brush to apply MAC Cocochino lipstick for color, not definition. A bit of lip balm around the inner corner of the eyes, a little extra moisturizer on cheekbones, and light powder underneath and between the eyes reduced excess shine"

Hair: "The look is inspired by Nico of the Velvet Underground and a bit of Erin," said lead hairstylist Odile Gilbert, working with Moroccanoil. To get the look, she prepared hair with the brand's Hydrating Styling Cream. The models wore brow-skimming extensions that were blow-dried using a round brush. To keep flyaways at a minimum, she applied Moroccanoil Treatment to only the ends of hair and finished off with Luminous Hairspray.

While I am not about to go out and get bang extensions, I cannot wait to try the make-up out!

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  1. I love those strong bangs, I wish I could try them out!