Friday, March 12, 2010

Challenge Outfit: 1

This is the outfit I put together with the navy skirt. It really wasn't comfortable because today was drizzly and chilly. I had a hard time pairing what I have in my closet with the Navy - I'm not sure how I'll come up with three more outfits! I got a great suggestion to pair the skirt with a bright color- so I may need to get the summer clothes out of the box and see what I have.

For today I decided to pair the dark navy with baby blue. It kind of works? I think I'd feel better about the outfit as a whole if it was warmer out!

Tonight I made a vegan sun dried tomato and artichoke heart pasta and we are watching Ed Wood. I'm really loving the Los Angeles in the 50's look - why don't I have a pair of wayfarers?

Tomorrow we are off to see Alice.


  1. adorable - i love what you paired with it!
    can't wait to see what happens with the marc jacobs skirts!
    the 50s la are great - and any classic ray ban shape is a must have right now it seems - i steered for the clubmasters as they remind me of a cia agent for some reason ^_^

  2. Navy and light blue definitely works. Red is always a safe bet, and I would love pink as well.