Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hair Conundrum...To cut or not to cut?

I've been thinking about cutting my hair short again, but I really am torn- because while I think I look better with shorter hair, I have invested a lot of time into growing my hair long. I have been growing my hair out for almost two years now - from an asymmetrical bob. I used to have really long hair as a kid but then cut it short in high school after an obsession with the hairstyles of the ladies in the band Elastica- anyway, I then went back to a shoulder length do and it stayed there until about three years ago. It's kind of funny I was browsing in the H&M in Union Square, during my lunch break, when I was approached by a hair stylist. I was asked to be part of a hair show and to be in a hair book. Is that what it feels like to be discovered?(Haha) Anyway, I said yes, I got a handful of free haircuts out of that - cuts that got progressively shorter and shorter. Then I decided to grow the whole thing long. It has taken over a year just to get it past the shoulders. It's long but not long enough to style in long milkmaid braids- or to twist up without strands falling out of it. Why does hair grow so slow? I'm just frustrated with it. Anyone else feel that same way?

I just can't decide what to do. Long Anna Karina Hair?

Or, a Louise Brooks bob?


  1. Man, get out of my head. I go through this, too, all the time. I do like bobs - a lot. They're pretty much my favorite haircut ever.

    And so this is my reasoning:
    - bobs are awesome

    - I get tired of things easily and there are only one or two ways you can wear a bob

    - you have to get your hair cut regularly with a bob or it looks sloppy and it's also awkward to grow out

    - there are days bobs don't "sit" right and there's not much you can do with them

    - there is more versatility with long hair (sides up, high pony, low pony, pigtails, various kinds of updos, various kinds of braids, curlers, pull-it-back with a top-pompadour, etc.) and you can essentially "present" as having short hair by getting it out of your face and I think if you have a strong bangs-presence it's sometimes just as sharp as a bob

    So I'm still growing mine. Every time I have a bob cut, I love it for a week or two and then I'm bored with it, hate the upkeep and try to start the long and awkward process of growing it out.

    I also did the same thing with hair folks - I hair modeled for B&B at one point where they took a shit-ton of weight and length out of my hair during an instructor cut, and then the next 2 hair dressers (paid) I went to wanted me to keep a pixie and hair model - they kept telling me my face was "too tiny" for long hair despite wanting it pulled back a lot. They were essentially doing what they wanted with my hair, even when I was asking them to grow it IN so I finally left both of them and found someone new.

  2. I've always been devoted to my long hair.
    I occasionally have those moments when I see someone with one of those amazing short styles and want to chop off all my hair at once - but maintenance would kill me. I only get my hair professionally cut once a year and I like it that way.

    The other nice thing about long hair is that when it is being annoying and not looking good, you can pull it back into a braid or a bun and move on!

  3. Really funny, 2 seconds before reading your post I was asking to myself if i'm ready to cut my hair. I want a short bob.

    I totally feel the same way about cuting my hair. I let them growing since 2 years too...

    Let us know when you'll took you decision !

  4. Ahh! of only there was a way to switch back and forth between the two, you know without having to resort to wigs.. then yes all our hair problems would be solved ; )

    Jesse- Tots McGoats-on your comment- I fully agree.

    I know I'll get tired of short hair- I always do- but I'm so frustrated with the long. Maybe I'll just wait until summer when it gets really hot and see what I think then ...

    Lyddie- The maintenance is pretty scary...that is something to think about - since I usually trim my own ends- and that could be why they look kinda funny : )

    Claudinette- Let me know what you decide too!