Saturday, March 13, 2010

Challenge Outfit: 2 and Alice

Today I broke out the Marc Jacobs skirt- after years(yes years) of being in the closet it makes its debut. To be fair it did take awhile to get it ready to be worn, I had to find replacement buttons for it and I had it taken in. I love it, but today it took me a long time to figure out what to wear with it. I'm still not really sure if the shoes I have work with it- and I wish I had a plain blue or pink top- but the whole objective of the challenge is to not have to buy anything new to make these pieces work in my wardrobe. Below are today's results.

We went out to get sorbet and frozen yogurt today before heading out to see Alice in Wonderland at the Grand- we took a little short cut through the Oakland Rose Garden on the way. As you can see, the roses aren't in bloom yet. I'll come back and take pictures when they are because it's a really lovely little spot.

As for Alice, well...I thought it was better than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I didn't love it. The costumes were great and the 'sets', er cgi? was fun to look at but overall I think I prefer...


  1. you're skirt is sooo nice!

    nice style :)

  2. I really adore the skirt and I think the shoes are super cute too!