Friday, March 26, 2010

Everyday or Eternal & Teenage Riots?

Just how do you get windswept hair? You know, hair that's just slightly tousled by the wind and sexy- My hair gets hit by the wind and it looks like I'm wearing a bird's nest atop my head.

So, I am sparing you the wild wind hair in the photo below.

This is the type of outfit I wear on days when it's chilly,grey, windy and rainy out. Bay Area weather. I have on Cheap Monday jeans, comfy brogue shoes, and a plaid top from Quicksilver. The coat is Mirror/Dash, designed by the queen of cool Kim Gordon. I believe that Mirror/Dash is now a line at Urban Outfitters, but I bought this coat at Satine Boutique in Los Angeles a while back. I had no idea at the time, but only 50 of the jackets were made! I don't really know what happened- that the line sort of became a diffusion line for UO. I am not too crazy about the UO Mirror/Dash designs. But I love this coat - I would have liked to see more things like it. Does anyone remember her line from waaay back in 1994 called X-Girl? Back then my mom still bought my clothes for me so I never would have been able to buy anything that cool.

Um, this picture hi-lights the jacket a bit better than my late afternoon on the way back from the grocery store, shot.

I wish that Mirror/Dash would have gone a different way. I kind of think if they had, it would have had the same cool-chic/modish vibe as Everyday or Eternal.

If I had the budget, these dresses would already be hanging in the closet.


  1. Wow--- love those dresses. LOVE. I'm kind of wondering if I can recreate the gingham one on my sewing machine.

  2. I totally remember X-Girl.

    And aside from the shirt, we're wearing essentially the same outfit (I had to wear a black coat though).

  3. And I love that last dress - I scrolled up twice while leaving my other comment to look at it.

  4. I'm just the same on cold rainy days- if I must get dressed I still want to feel like I'm in my pjs.

    Your coat is really cool, I've never heard of mirror/dash, but I really like your coat, and that's really cool that it's one of 50!
    In '94 I think my favorite thing to wear was a purple top with butterflies...

  5. Angela- If you can sew that I may ask you to make me one too! I wish I had that kind of talent : )

    Jesse- I always though the x-girl stuff was so cool -
    : ) hehe to be twins for the day. And, I am hoping that those dresses go on sale at somepoint.....

    Lyddie- I used be really into vests as a kid - I have no clue why- then I just got too cool for school and wanted to dress like a rock star : )