Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swede on you...

I have a spot in my heart for Sweden. It is a beautiful country, and I have a history there as well. Long ago I met a Swedish boy, who lived with a boat captain that ferried boats full of summer tourists to and from Cape Cod and Nantucket. I met him on the shores of the Atlantic - we used to watch the boats sail in from the steps of the captain's house. There is a lot more to our meeting, but that story is really more suited to a well-worn paperback novel. Something worthy of a summer read, while sitting on the sand, shaded by a beach umbrella- and not for a long blog post!

I was 17. I saved all my pizza counter tip money, all my record store pay checks, and I hopped a plane and spent a summer in Stockholm, where we spent our days wandering Gamla Stan, and sailing on the Baltic. First Love. I think because of this one summer in my life, I will always romanticize Swedish things, the sea, boys with blue eyes, and being 17.

I truly love the history and traditions of Sweden and, as of late their films and art. My biggest love of all is the music. Most of my favorite bands/musicians are Swedish. Like, The Concretes, and The Acid House Kings. (Yes, I am a lo-fi indie twee-pop nerd, I am aware of that!)

Then of course there is the style! And, those amazing designers. Two design collectives that I have been loving lately are Permanent Vacation and 5th Avenue Shoe Repair.

Stripes, Balloon Shorts, floral leggings, and crisp white tops- did the people at Permanent Vacation read my mind? This is what my dream spring wardrobe looks like.

I am also loving the interesting shapes and architectural details of the designs at 5th Ave. Shoe repair. Voluminous Dresses and Cut-out Brogues? Yes please.


  1. Let me know when you write you novel, I'll take a copy. Teenage summer romance in a foreign country? You've just killed my believe that I wasn't missing out because that kind of thing only happened to fictional people.

    Yes yes to cut out shoes, floral leggings and lo-fi indie sounds!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. It was sooo much a magical time in my life ( I know that's corny)
    But, I think that this type of magic happens even in the little things we do everyday.

  3. THOSE BROGUES. GOSH. I DIED A LITTLE. Caps lock was very necessary. :) I love your blog, by the way. You're stunning. <3