Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From My Closet: My that's a big belt you have.

"My that's a big belt you have."

Those were Mario's exact words upon seeing my outfit for the day.

He's right it is a huge belt. I bought it at Anthropologie on super sale with the intent of wearing it with shift dresses- somehow I never managed to get around to it. It hung in my closet untouched, simply because of the fact that it is so big! I am not all to comfortable making a huge statement with my clothes, and while I admire brightly colored clothes and love how they look on other people, I tend to stick to natural shades and dark colors. That is part of the reason why the Marc Jacobs skirt I chose for the
challenge went unworn for so long. I really need to get over my mild color phobia!

Anyway- here is today's outfit.

Harem Pants- Lamixx
Shoes- Urban Outfitters (I wore these out last summer and now they need to be re-soled)
Belt- Anthropologie
Top- Gift, but also Urbans
Stag Necklace- Gift,
Erica Weiner (I adore her jewelery)

Perfect treats for rainy days Chai Tea (it's what I am drinking in the photo), and spicy Indian food.


  1. I love a statement piece - Your belt is awesome!

    I want chai tea and indian! chicken tikka marsala is my favorite but your veggies and chick peas look super tasty too!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. :D Thank you! I know about the belt I like it but I get self-conscious at work with bolder pieces. I need to get over that!

  3. LOVE your look! Wish I could get away with it - maybe one day I'll post my horrific harem pants outfit. Maybe I'll try it again with a big belt and cute loafers! Such a cute inspiration!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  4. yup, it's a great piece.

    You're vegan, right? Do you have soy milk in your chai? I'm trying to eat less animal stuff, and I've weaned myself off milky tea, but I don't think soy milk works (I have orange juice instead or just black), but I can't imagine what chai tastes like on its own.

  5. THank you everyone! I'll have to wear this belt more often!

    Oranges and Apples- the chai is black. You can get the black spiced tea leaves, but I like to steam in some soy milk or almond milk. THe soy and Almond and other milks I think work better in teas and coffee when steamed - but since our coffee machine broke - I've been drinking things black :(