Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Challenge: 12 outfits with three items you never wear

I recently completed the Spring Wardrobe challenge - it inspired me to really make an effort to try and make the most of my existing wardrobe. And, as a way of letting go of items that are taking up space I am proposing a challenge of my own. I am taking three items from my closet that I never wear (items that I haven't worn in at least 6 months) and I am going to attempt to make four outfits with each item- using what I already have in my closet of course. If I cannot make at least four outfits with each piece, then it is time to donate or sell that item.

The challenge rules are easy. Pick 3 items you never wear and over the course of the next two weeks (March 10 through 24) create 4 outfits with each item. The goal is to have a total of 12 outfits.

I'm hoping that others of you would like to share your outfits and how you faired in the challenge. If you would like to participate just leave a comment below indicating you would like to join and where we can track your outfits- be it blog or flickr.

I will be posting my 3 items tomorrow and start making outfits from there!

(No that is not my closet/room - but wouldn't I love to have all that space!)


  1. I like your challenge!
    I did something similar last month - though I only made one outfit from each neglected item.

    I'm sure I still have some unworn things left though - I shall take a look, I'd love to partake!

  2. I saw this idea over at What I Wore and decided to participate! :) I'm a little late to fit into your 2-week window, but I'm going to do my own little challenge anyway. Such a neat idea!

    I've posted my 3 items here: http://chumblyface.blogspot.com/2010/03/wardrobe-challenge.html