Monday, March 8, 2010

The Hazards of Thrift

It was a whirlwind-busy weekend, aren't they all? I really had the most lovely Saturday running errands and hitting up the local thrift and vintage stores. I have always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt- and the joy of discovering the perfect piece among the piles and racks - but these thrifting adventures are not without their hazards.

And, oh am I familiar with these hazards. I have found beautiful coats and while trying them on stuck my hand into pockets of used tissues, I have dived into the clothes at the dollar a pound to come out smelling like B.O. (not my own) - I once found an amazing tribal print tote bag with tons on inner pockets - perfect for storing so many things - and in my haste to use it threw in all the contents of the purse I was carrying - only to discover at the next thrift store when reaching in to pull out my wallet to pay the cashier, that there was a bonus in my new tote - a lovely macaroni and cheese encrusted fork.

What happened to me this weekend tops them all. I found many a great button-up collar blouses and tops-not to mention one pretty silky nehru collar Cacharel blouse, that I twirled about in and contemplated buying - the top did look a bit soiled, but did that stop me from trying it on? I mean clothes can be cleaned and I can take a shower. Only we did not go home right away, and on Sunday I woke up with red splotches on my neck- right about where I had buttoned up the collar and today those splotches are full blown hives- that have spread up and down my face and neck. How did this happen? Please thrift stores I implore you to steam clothes before hanging them! I know I am partly to blame here- and while yes right now I am in a less than happy state, worse things could happen, and such is the danger/nature of thrift.

Anyway. I am home early from work to take Benadryl and sleep away the afternoon.

Here is what I wore today. Don't worry you can't see the hives!

From my Closet -
Top - F21
Belt - Rachel Comey
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Shoes - Target


This experience will not stop me from trying to thrift pieces similar to those in
Eryn Brinie's Spring'10 collection.

I love love love that Chambray jacket.


  1. That is absolutely appalling! Feel better soon!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is awful! And sooo gross. Any thing I ever bring to a thrift store is washed first - what kind of person donates their dirty laundry??

    And Yes yes yes to that lace dress, it is divine!

  3. I'm lucky that they are quite small hives- and that they weren't all over my face (yet!) for our little Oscar Party. It may be that there was just traces of perfume or other oils on some top or other that = bad for my skin!

  4. Gaaa! That is always my fear... people know I thrift and say things like "aren't you scared of bed bugs?" and then I get scared... but still thrift anyway! That lace dress is perfection!