Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My 3 Picks.

So, here are the three picks for my self-imposed wardrobe challenge. I have chosen three separates 2 skirts 1 pair of shorts.

I scored this lovely Marc Jacobs skirt a couple of years ago at a consignment shop and have literally never worn it. Not once. Why? I feel like I do not have anything that pairs well with it. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the colors are turquoise, red, pink and navy on tan.

These little shorts I have no idea what to to with to make them dressier as I have only styled them with tees and cardigans. But, I'm hoping to try and come up with a more fun outfit for summer.

This last skirt is from Anthro. I thought it would look cute with a black top and lace up or high heeled ankle boots. But I never got around to buying the perfect boots- now I just want to see if there is anything in my current wardrobe to wear it with.

I am looking forward to getting feedback and I'm excited to see what others have chosen - so if you're joining the challenge send me a link to your photos.


  1. what kind of wardrobe challenge is it exactly? to wear certain pieces that you've never worn before (whoa. i have tons of those. ack).

    i really like the marc jacobs skirt & can't wait to see you how you wear it! <3

  2. I'm certainly going to try : ) I feel that if I can't come up with at least four ways to wear it, it should not be taking up closet space - let's see how it goes! : )

  3. I LOVE the floral skirt! It so needs to get out of the closet!

  4. that marc jacobs skirt is to die for.
    i always pair stuff like that with a black or brown v neck tee from target - there are these "boyfriend" tees they have that look great with skirts like that. a navy or black would look really good with that!
    that zip up blue skirt could go with a bright color too for spring with bright heels - like a bright blue shirt and black heels or two bright colors... i love your idea with the boots too - little booties would look great.

    the shorts - i dunno, i never wear bermudas because of my height so they confuse me

  5. Oh! Thanks Katherine! I'll dig up my tees and try that! Maybe simple is the way to go. I've been having a hard time trying to pair it with blouses.

    I'll be posting the first outfit tomorrow : )

  6. Those are all so cute! What a neat idea for a challenge. . . perhaps I'll steal it! (?)

  7. I need to get on this challenge! There are a few things that just hang in my closet. Also, I remember loving that MJ skirt @ Barneys or someting but it was full price and I couldn't justify it - so I am pysched to see you have it!

  8. I love the idea of your challenge. I'm dealing with zero income and a post-pregnancy body, so I'm trying to see what still works in my closet, what I can sew, and what I can thrift. Your blog (which I discovered via Wardrobe Remix on Flickr) is super-inspiring, so thank you!