Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bat your Lashes

Why is it that when I travel I lose all shopping restraint? I bought this little Rodebjer top while on vacation last year. It is pretty hard to wear for a t-shirt! I tend to just throw it on with jeans and a cardigan, but I feel like that's too boring.

So here is How I wore it yesterday:

And, how I wore it a couple of weeks ago?

I do realize these are pretty bad photos. Why am I making a lemon face? Oh well.

I really like how this blogger styled it.

sixsixsick blog

I'm thinking maybe high waisted black shorts are the way to go with this, but for now I'll stick to jeans.

The Rodebjer line is pretty cool, very modern/very futuristic - I'm just not so sure how well I pull that look off.


  1. Ahh that is such a cool top! I know, travel always equals major shopping!

    I really like how you wore it yesterday, and I think it would be great with the shorts, definitely give it a try!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. This top is really cute! Simple but so unique. I wish I had it too.

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  4. Blogger Maya Tara Credico said...

    ah! that lashed top is so fun. Let me tell you about spin classes! They are very fantastic, and quite addictive. Instructors will let you go at your own resistance level, so it is only as hard as you want it to be (with the main goal to keep the follow the recommended resistance level) I drink an americano beforehand so I may be a cheater. PS- I need to follow your blog, doing it right now. I renovated my blog and lost all my contacts. I'm still coming to Sf at the end of June so we need to hang out:)