Monday, April 26, 2010

Denim Blues, Locked Gates & Outfits

On Sunday we tried to go to the Dunsmuir Mansion in Oakland, but it was closed. We misread their information and apparently the grounds are only open on weekdays. So we will have to go back next week when we have Friday off. I was pretty disappointed because I had been looking forward to it all week. The mansion was built in 1878 and has spectacular grounds with a swimming pool and carriage house, gardens a pond, and gazebo. We did get a little peek through the locked gate of some of the grounds. Very Gatsby.

Mario snapped a few pics of my outfit in front of the flower borders.

It was beautiful out, and I finally got some sun on my ghostly legs. Hat is from Target, dress is from Anthropologie, Top is from H&M from 8 years ago! Shoes vintage, sunglasses Cheap Monday.

Here is what I wore for work today... Blazer Gap, dress as top- via Le Train Bleu, Jeans are Freedom of Choice, shoes JC's.

It was actually pretty funny, I was running late this morning as usual, and I threw on the dress and blazer thinking it would be okay to wear into an office, but realized it was too short for that! So I decided to tie it up and tuck it into a blousey top and pair it all with some comfy jeans. I think it worked. In any case it was a super comfortable and easy.

At my lunch hour I checked my email and saw that Mario had sent me a rather disturbing article.

I tend to buy higher end denim- but does this mean they are made sustainably? I immediately tried to look up information for Freedom of Choice jeans and could only find that they are made in Los Angeles, does that mean the denim fabric was made there as well? I put an email in to FOC and I will let you know what I find out.


  1. Absolutely commend you on posting this. Shameful that we buy so thoughtlessly. I'll certainly think twice now about denim.

  2. I love the first outfit - so resort chic and the apron shape of the dress! Hmm, that video is scary and sad! It's so depressing because I feel like I try to make good choices in what I buy, but it seems like everything is evil now!

  3. Ugh - I seriously need to stop buying things from China!

    You look lovely, the dress turned blouse is genius and so adorable.

    I hope you make it back to the mansion when it's open!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. just bought that hat today! love it!

  5. After seeing this post I must have a big floppy hat. It just screams spring.
    Also the vid is pretty chilling. She mentions that the water in one part is blacker than in others.... um, water isn't supposed to be black at all. I wonder if there are any surviving critters in that water. Sad.