Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quickie Post: Three Girls - One Dress

Because Dear Creatures is EVERYWHERE, and because the Captain's dress from their Spring '10 collection seems to be so popular, I decided to post how others styled it.

I love those mustard colored wedges!

This is so cute with the socks and booties!

Here is how I wore it:

I love this dress, but I still need to have it taken in, or up - I need the straps to be shortened at the top. I have to to this with anything that is a tank style or that has straps. Seriously I am not skin and bones and still the extra small sizes don't fit me. Does anyone else have that strap issue? Maybe the dresses are made for taller girls - I'm short, but not super duper short. I'm 5'4... Sorry for ranting it's just that almost everything I own has to go to the tailor. And that gets to annoying because who has the time to be running off to the tailor for everything?

I will be posing pictures of our trip to the Dunsmuir Mansion later, hopefully later today!


  1. Yes, at 5'1" I love how I'm always being told I can get things altered - so we pay more for less fabric. Love that.

    I also hail you for NOT posing with turned-in toes. Boy is that one thing I'm utterly sick of.


  2. Hahahah - this made my morning. It's funny because honestly I don't even think about how I'm posing and since my camera man (haha) is the most impatient person- I basically end up with whatever photos he has the patience to snap... And as for paying more for fabric don't get me started that- with jeans it often looks like I could make a pair of toddler jeans with the fabric chopped off before a pair gets hemmed! : )

  3. Love these types of comparisons of the same with different styles. All very cute in your own unique ways!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  4. 1) Yes, I totally have this same issue. But I think a lot of people need to have things tailored to fit so it's annoying but less annoying that some other things I can think of with clothing manufacturing and sizing!

    2) I agree re the pigeon-toed poses or lack thereof!

  5. i feel your pain on tailoring. I have that problem with straps and lengths a lot. I like how you styled this dress and I love that you showed how others have styled it as well.

  6. Ahh you all look so cute!
    Yes, being a shortie (5'2") can be such a pain when nearly every thing you own needs to be shortened in some way!

    Chic on the Cheap