Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ellie Mae

Well this is a silly outfit post. I just wanted to show you what I wear when the forecast calls for casual. For instance, a week long training seminar coupled with a dip in temperature and scattered showers. Oh yeah, I wore pigtails - and later realized it's not a good idea when you are already the youngest one in a room. Really, it doesn't help your, how should I put it - street cred?

Sunny skies (please) skirt weather and vacation days- These are the top things on my wishlist.

What I'm layering.
Checkered top - F21
Cardigan - Anthro
Jeans - Found Denim
Hoodie coat - Mike & Chris
Booties - thrift

I hope that your April showers have already turned to May flowers.


  1. Thank you : ). It is the most comfy thing that I own...aside from maybe my bed..

  2. Aw, I think you look adorable!

    And thank you for posting that link to that adorable wedge! Mind if I blog it? I've been meaning to do a post of clog-esque shoes.

  3. I love that coat and I totally wear pigtails or pigtail braids also.

  4. Whatiwore- go for it and blog the shoes- I's love to see what else you've found : )

    jesse- don't you love oigtails - they are so easy when your hair is not cooperating! : ) it was so funny though- the other ladies were all so put together- but hey, the training instructor said to come dressed comfortably