Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beauty Booty

This week (and it's only Tuesday) has been pretty stressful. I am feeling kinda burnt out and just plain icky. Maybe, it's because I worked over the weekend, and because I am attending a three day training seminar. Ugh. - but I just don't feel well. I don't feel rested, and it shows! I mean, I just look tired. Don't you hate when that happens? My eyes are puffy, my skin looks yellowy-pale and dry. How do you fix that? I'm largely ignorant about skincare and make-up. I maybe you've noticed in my pictures, but I do not really wear makeup. I LOVE my mascara, but that's about it. Sure I experiment with make-up, but when it comes to caring for my skin, I slap on some sunscreen- when I remember (I know, that's really bad). I rarely moisturize, and that this is most likely not a good thing. Can I tell you a secret? Shh... I am scared of stores like Sepohra - how can you not be overwhelmed going in there? How do you know what products to choose? How do you know you can trust the sales people- do they have skin care training? I worry - I get overwhelmed - and then I do nothing. Only now it's getting to the point where my skin is showing how tired I feel - so, other than getting a good night's sleep what can you do to counter act or camouflage tired skin? I feel that at 26 I should know how to best care for my skin. Can you believe I've only had a facial twice in my life? Seriously, if you have a skincare routine, or products, or skincare resources that you'd like to share- please do!

This table would scare me.


  1. I try (emphasis on try) to be really rigorous about my skincare, especially since turning thirty and moving to an arid, sunny climate.

    I always use an SPF 30 or higher on my skin during the day. At night I use Alba moisturizer. I wash with as mild a cleanser as possible--- Cetaphil or the like and only exfoliate occasionally.

    Oh, and I wear a sun hat on long walks, even though I feel like a dork. And my mother always told me to do to your neck what you do to your face. Good advice, I think.

  2. I just try to use a facial moisturizer with spf and an avocado/clay mask every once in a while.

    I like Sephora but I also feel like I'm limited as to what vegan stuff I can actually buy so I stick with Urban Decay, some Tarte stuff, La Occitane, some Bliss stuff. My food coop carries Alba so I buy it from there for body moisturizer.

  3. oh, i'm not much help! my routine is to wash my face, day and night, and moisturize after i wash. every once in a while, i wear some powdered mineral foundation, and curl my eyelashes (can't stand mascara!). i found this make-up brand, essential minerals, where you can get free samples (all you have to do is pay for shipping, which is about $3). i've been trying it for about a week, and it's pretty good.