Saturday, April 24, 2010

If it was the 90's

"I'm nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday." That is a line from the movie Kicking and Screaming which came out in 1995, when I was too young to have even had a clue what nostalgia really meant.

I have been nostalgic lately for the 90's maybe it's because in some way I feel I missed out on all the great stuff about the decade since I had not really come of age. I mean I didn't even see Kicking and Screaming until the other night, and bands like Nirvana kind of scared me a bit as a kid. Why? I don't know. So I am having fun watching some of the more quintessentially 90's movies like Reality Bites, Singles, and others like Green Card. Really there is some great style in those movies- despite that fact that yes they are a bit cheesy.

I do remember loving the style in one of my fave 90's kids shows - Ghostwriter. I thought Lenni was "wicked cool". Yes. How could you not with her beat poetry readings and raps - hello her dad was a musician, and they lived in a cool Brooklyn pad... Okay, I don't think I thought about it that much as a kid, I think I just really liked her hats and I wondered why she never had a crush on Jamal like I did.

Lenni is the one in the floral dress in picture 1 and the high waisted jeans in picture 2. Seriously I could not find any good pictures of either Ghostwriter or Green card.

I really liked this hat, and the color palate chosen for her wardrobe. But, I do have to say Gerard Depardiue kinda gives me the willies.

Here is what I wore today to the Farmer's Market and to run random errands.

Sunglasses - Cheap Monday
Dress - Orla Kiley on super super sale about a year ago..
Blazer - thrifted F21 had the tags still on it.
Shoes - Charlotte Ronson
Belt- Rachel Comey via consignment shop

If you have any other 90's movie suggestions please let me know!


  1. REality bites is one of my all time favourite movies. I went to the drive-in twice to watch it with girlfriends. And i did come of age in the 90s. Um, other movies? I was really into the 90s thrillers like "Single White Female" or "The Assassin" both of these had Bridget Fonda in them. (spell?)..."The Craft" (Neve Campbell was in it) is a good one for 90s fashion or no MOST IMPORTANTLY I've just remembered EMPIRE RECORDS.(bout a group of cool kids working in a record store) If you haven't already, you HAVE to see Empire Records. Enjoy!!!!!

  2. Teeny - Thank you !!!!! I did watch the Craft but I missed out on so many other fun movies at the time. Empire Records is on my list : )

  3. I was just coming here to recommend Empire Records. Total typical 90s fashion. & I can remember everyone dressing up like Dion & Cher from Clueless for at least a year after that came out.

  4. When I was a wee'un I *loved* Hocus Pocus and Now and Then...because I love Thora Birch. Haha. Though, I didn't like Monkey Trouble very much. Also, can't go wrong with Clueless and Romy and Michele's High School Reunion! I love those two, guilty pleasures in the best way.

    Sarah Louise