Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Mean Streets of Oakland

Since I'm not in shape today to go take any pictures (I'm still wrapped up in blankets watching bad daytime tv, and drinking buckets of tea) I thought I'd share some of the photos Mario and I had taken around our neighborhood - around Piedmont Ave. and at the Westminster Amphitheater. These were taken as part of our engagement photos. I can't believe that was almost two years ago now!

Piedmont Ave. has actually changed a lot in that time. So many businesses closed. Seeing all of that happen really prompted us to make a point to support our local shops, theaters, and restaurants.

What are we wearing? We both still have these clothes in rotation.
I'm wearing old Frye Boots, thrifted dress, Anthropologie denim jacket.
On Mario, Cheap Monday shirt, old Levis, and Vans. He always wears vans.

When I'm feeling better, I'll try and take some more pictures of my 'hood. Especially now that the flowers are back, and everything is so green.


  1. I love these pics! People don't take engagement pics over here, but I kind of like it! I like that it's just you and the photographer, and not all the guests like at weddings!

  2. Yes, it was a lot of fun. We actually didn't have a wedding photographer since it was so small. This was great because the photographer was a friend and we didn't have to pay- she just wanted to build her portfolio : )
    I know a lot of people spend for ever planning their wedding and choosing photographers, but we were really low-key about it all.

  3. Franca has a point....usually it is all pics of the drunk guests. These are cute. As.