Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Sailing

Gorgeous day! After our weekly walk to the farmer's market, we stopped off to get some iced coffee. I also popped into the neighborhood thrift- they had some cute hats I may need to go back and try on. And, tah-dow! It was finally warm enough to wear my Dear Creatures Captain dress. Not without a cardigan of course, which I think covers up the cuteness of the dress, but as a good friend once told me I am like a "Miami Beach granny" and I need to wear a cardigan even in 80 degree weather.

When I got home and opened up my email I found out I won a Misikkko Hana Elite hair straightener from the Style Symmetry blog giveaway! I'm so excited! This is too perfect because my old flat iron is giving out, and actually the cat got at the cord and chewed it up bit, so it is probably not safe to use anymore.

I have some work to do for a Monday deadline, and a brunch to host for tomorrow that requires some cooking ahead of time- So today will be pretty busy. I'm just glad we got to go out and enjoy some sun! Next weekend we are heading out to the Dunsmuir Mansion!

Happy Saturday!


  1. What a great morning! Oh for the days of slow wandering. Cute dress, love it.

  2. You're so lucky that you had nice weather today.
    It was crap weather here on the Jersey Shore.



  3. Yeah we enjoyed it- but we are due for a week of rain starting monday : (

  4. oh man I cant wait to wear this sailor dress thing I have too! thats awesome that you won the flat iron too!!