Sunday, April 18, 2010


Making a meal for guests has become a bit of a test lately. I recently found out I have celiac and I cannot have any gluten products. This makes making food for others a bit difficult. I have learned to cook some dishes, but while I think they are tasty- I am not always so sure of what others will think.

Our friends are used to coming over for vegan foods, but this is the first time I hosted a gluten-free vegan meal.

I think it turned out really well! I did not take any pictures since I was too busy cooking to bother with that. But here is what I made Banana Rabanada with gluten-free french bread from the Mariposa bakery. The Vegan Brunch cookbook is amazing! We also made the rosemary potatoes from the book - and sliced up fresh berries from the farmer's market. For drinks we had mimosas and bellini's. Needless to say I am still stuffed and here it is already mid-afternoon! I really recommend the Rabanada dish it's easy to make and just about the best thing I've had in a long time!

After our guests left Mario and I decided to procrastinate on the clean up and we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I wish the weather was like this everyday!

Here is what I wore to be the perfectly casual, yet put together hostess.

The dress is from Anthro- and has a print of little foxes and rabbits. Belt also Anthro Shoes old from Charlotte Ronson.


  1. You are just too flipping cute.
    I'm sorry to hear about you being Celiac.
    I think I am too.

    How long have you been vegan for??



  2. Jordan- if you are it's not so bad once you find good substitutes. I found out back in October. I was so sick for a long time and what was really frightening is that i started to lose my hair. I my hair in big clumps. Essentially because I was eating gluten my body didn't absorb any nutrients, It was like my body was starving. But since going gluten free- it's growing back. I don't feel tired all the time and no more stomach aches.

    I've been Vegan now 4 years. : )

    *If you do have celiac- you will feel so much better when you stop eating gluten. and there really are a lot of delicious gluten free treats out there!

  3. I adore that dress! I may need to knock off the solid white yoke/blue print bodice idea for my next sewing project.

    My sister is also gluten free and vegan. Do you have the cookbook "Veganomicon"? It's awesome!

  4. wow! i would really love to see a close-up of that dress. sounds like an amazing print.
    and you sound like a great host! i love veggie foods. i heard a similar story as yours (from your comment above), of hair falling out, and being sick for years from a friend. it's crazy that people are just now finding out about celiac... glad you did, and are feeling better!