Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm back at work, the catch up work is pretty unbelievable, I'm going to need more tea. I'm still feeling pretty rundown. You'd think that with the vast quantities of different kinds of tea that I've had to drink over the past week - green tea, gen mai, English breakfast, roobios, apple spice, healing tea, chamomile- with all that tea, you'd think that I would have somehow stumbled upon a combination that was some sort of tea based holistic cure, but no.

What can you do? Over the weekend while I rested - Mario and I watched many movies - not good movies - but why watch good ones when you're sick and can't really pay much attention to anything? Last night we watched,The Last Winter, a movie that is in a now growing film genre, Eco-horror. Yes, Eco-horror. Movies where the planet is fighting back for all the crumby things we've done to it.

Then we watched another horror movie called Grace - was this a movie made specifically to scare female vegan's? It's pretty twisted.

I know, I know- with watching all these creepy movies how am I ever going to start to feel better?

But hey, I made it through the day today. Here is what I wore:

Sunglasses vintage via etsy, Jacket anthropologie, Top thrifted, Belt UO, Jeans 18th Amendment, Shoes Frye via consignment.

Prescott is looking especially cute in the last picture, we got his good side, er angle?


  1. I love what you're wearing! oh my grossness, i just looked up Grace on wiki.

  2. I want to wear this! So comfy yet stylish. Perfect for slowly getting back into things. Stay well!

  3. I love the cut of those pants and the cute pinstriped jacket! Hope you start feeling better soon! Get LOTS of sleeeep!

  4. Cute outfit! I love the way you styled the jacket with those pants :)

  5. Eco-Horror! Too funny!! Have you heard about Birdemic? It's supposed to be the worst movie ever, but on purpose.

    Prescott is adorable!!!!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Those pants are great! I love the the high waist but I'm too scared to wear that style myself.

    In the genre of Eco-horror, have you seen The Happening? It wasn't amazing, but it kept my interest for most of the movie.

  7. Thanks everyone! I am slowly getting better - I'm sad to say it may be a dietary thing : (

    I'll have to check out Birdemic - I love cheesy bad movies.

    And I did see the happening- mostly for Zooey.
    it was an interesting concept.
    : )

  8. You look awfully good for a convalescent!

    Prescott is so enormous!

    Wishing you continued healing-

  9. Yes Prescott is our lil' Orson Wells... he's chub. : ) He doesnt really got for any kind of fitness routine- I'm convinced he's ordering pizzas for himself or something while we are at work because we have him on a diet.